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About Mike Simms

We are Full Time Realtors dedicated to you.  The Simms Team is unique in that we don't "sell".  Our clients will tell you that as a Listing Agent we consult with the Seller to determine potential issues during inspections, the state of the market, staging and highlighting your home to be the best it can be and providing the best information for you to obtain the best price in the sale of your home with the least amount of aggravation.  We don't "sell" homes to our buyers either.  We work hard to find the right home, with the least amount of repairs that works within the buyer's budget and meets the buyer's needs.  We believe the clients we receive need our help and have been sent to us for a reason.  Once a home meets the buyer's expectations we go to work to negotiate the best purchase price we can get.  We don't stop there, the inspection process requires another negotiation process.  We won't rest until your closing is funded and the proceeds are in your hands or the Key is delivered to unlock the new door.  Even then should you have questions after the closing we are happy to help you identify contractors for improvements you may want to make, answer questions and address concerns.  We want to earn your continued trust as a client and your referral for our next client.

I have been a full-time Realtor since 2006 and I enjoy working with my clients throughout the years and their family members as well

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